Photo Session Sitting Fee

Newborns, children, couples and families up to 4 individuals $125
5-8 individuals $150
9 or more contact:
Payment is due in full on the day of the shoot

Session Fee Includes

About the session
I use mostly natural light so there are specific shoot times. I only shoot one session per day and shoot as many photographs as it takes to capture the right moments. A session typical takes 1-2 hours. Please allow yourself and your children to have fun. Dress everyone comfortably for the best results.

Newborn sessions are usually shot at the infant's home and the session takes ATLEAST 2 hours. Times are based on available light and infant schedule. All newborns are shot under 2 weeks of age. Please pre book a tentative date based on due date and we will go from there. *Please see Newborn Package and Pricing.

Planning for your session
Please think about where you ultimately want to display these images. It may help in choosing a location and/or wardrobe. Also when choosing a location, try to find somewhere that is either special to your family or just a place where you can be yourselves and have fun. ( i.e. Do not choose the beach if your toddler is afraid of the water)

I will take some typical portrait type shots but I really prefer to keep the rest as fun and natural as possible. I tend to incorporate a mixture of directing on my part and observation of the moment. Some shots will be true candids while others will be slightly directed.
IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS Please do not try to direct your child in any way. (get them to look at the camera, smile , call their name etc) If I want something different from the kids I have ways of evoking a natural expression so please let me try to do it. Children are usually completely perfect on their own. Parent's direction tends to turn a session into an uncomfortable task very quickly. If there are other adults at the shoot that are not in the photo, please make sure there is no "helping" from them as well unless I specifically ask them.

Wardrobe/What to wear
I tend to prefer families to NOT be "matchy matchy". Everyone dressed exactly the same can look very stale. I prefer to coordinate but not match. For more specific color and wardrobe ideas please contact me at
For children only shots, please make sure they are comfortable and not too busy. Highly patterned or embroidered clothes or ones with printed words, take away from the most important subject...your beautiful child.

Print Ordering and Package Pricing

Please see rates tab.