About Me

I have always had a love for photography, art, and creating. My roots are in shooting 35mm film where I started taking photography classes in high school and was on the yearbook photography staff. In college I also took several photography classes but enjoyed it solely as a hobby. After college my career took me on the other side of the camera where I learned an invaluable amount about lighting, camera placement and model positioning.

When I had my son and bought my first digital SLR camera I couldn't put it down. Documenting his every waking moment and lots of sleeping ones, just wasn't enough for me. I continued to pursue other people's children and photographing everything, everywhere I went. I had my daughter and decided that photography was the career path that I wanted to take.

Children are my favorite subjects because they are absolutely perfect just the way they are. The energy and life that comes from them is inspiring and I try my best to capture that in my images. The littlest moments and expressions can be fleeting but when caught in a photo they can be enjoyed and remembered for a lifetime.

I would love to be able to capture some moments and memories for you.


Tiffany Pond